une chasse au trésor qui a mal tourné

So for the second portion of class today we had a scavenger hunt in montmartre. But not really like a cute, fun, site-seeing scavenger hunt - a super long, impossible-to-complete-in-two-hours scavenger hunt. But seriously. I got some great views and pictures, but the visit was pretty tarnished with trying to find the answers to decently obscure questions that no one we asked was able or willing to help us with and eventually giving up less than half way through and 2 hours later.

On the bright side, that area of the city is absolutely beautiful (especially, obviously, La Basilique du Sacré Coeur de Montmartre). Though because it was totally bustling with tourists, I'm excited to return during the later months of my visit when it will be much calmer and easier to navigate.

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