Beaucoup Mieux

Alors... the second day has been literally exponentially better than the first, even with a little jet lag and still walking meters in the wrong direction. We visted Quartier Saint-Germain-des-Prés for an amazing dinner with literally the nicest waiter I have ever met - France, Canada, and US waitstaff included. He was wonderful.

However, I truly need to learn how to eat my meals much slower.

And finally drum roll... we got home from the metro station by our house without going in the wrong direction beforehand- for the first time! Everything is still insanely confusing without a normal grid and all, but that was our mini accomplishment for the day. Yay! 

So it's 2AM and we are all awake with insane jet lag, but that being said this day, like this post should probably end now. 

Alors bonsoir!


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