Best Of - Chambray Buttondowns

As a buyer of two chambray shirts already this fall (and it's not yet even fall!), I'm basically a denim top expert (ha!). But seriously, as this classic trend explodes, it becomes impossible to decide between boxy or tailored, embroidered or lacy, and dark-wash or light-wash. Hopefully the fallowing picks will not only help you pick the cutest tops on the market, but also not entirely drain my savings account.

The Need-to-Buy Group -

1. Joe's Chambray Shirt - $118
2. Olivia Moon Roll Sleeve Chambray Shirt - $58
3. Free People Blue Velvet Chambray Buttondown - $118
4.  Free People Chambray Bandana Inset Buttondown Top - $88

The A-Girl-Can-Dream... Group - 

1. Vanessa Bruno Pleated Chambray Shirt - $375
2. J Brand Colorblock Chambray Shirt - $218
3. Carolina Leather Detailed Chambray Shirt - $300
4.  House of Holland Chambray Western Shirt - $230

Going into this, I knew I was going to find undeniably cute denim tops at Free People and I couldn't resist posting two from the brand for they're super different... and so cute! The Free People tops even rival the buttondowns I will be dreaming about tonight, which I would think is impossible after falling in love with the >$200 crowd. I can definitely say that if I had a less limited shopping budget, I would own all of these chambray tops!


Collection - Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2012 RTW

Hanaa Ben Abdesslem
Daga Ziober
Joan Smalls
Kate Kondas
Yulia Kharlapanov
Zuzanna Bijoc
Alana Zimmer
Lindsey Wixon
Nadja Bender

Karlie Kloss
Many an artist have been inspired by street culture, and from art to style and lifestyle, Gaultier's fall 2012 collection embraces all. Gaultier intertwines graffiti, leather, trench coats and sweat wear beautifully with his classic silk, chiffon, and European influences. However, for my taste there is but one flaw: too much colored fur. Though the orange fur jackets are gorgeous for those who embrace the style, I can and will not add it to an otherwise flawless statement dress. Gaultier's collection brings forth yet another controversial trend: classy sweatpants which I am personally excited to embrace this fall. 


Inspirations - Closer to Mind, Closer to Nature

E.E. Cummings

This week I've been super busy with school work, so in an effort to remain calm I've been meditating and practicing a quick yoga routine everyday. Inevitably, I've been feeling closer to myself and, well, therefore to nature. I hope you all find this natural pics as inspirational as I do. xx

What's been inspiring you this week?

"Here I came to the very edge
where nothing at all needs saying,
everything is absorbed through weather and the sea,
and the moon swam black,
its rays all silvered,
and time and again the darkness would be broken
by the crash of a wave,
and every day on the balcony of the sea,
wings open, fire is born,
and everything is blue again like morning."
- It is Born by Pablo Neruda


Get the Look - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Sleek Maxi

While finding skirts at this length is almost impossible in this maxi-or-mini-skirt era, having a maxi hemmed a little shorter is now an urge of mine after seeing how sleek this ensemble can be. Also, loving this mint color for late summer and fall - too cute & looks great on everyone.

1. Free People Blossom of My Heart Top - $44
2. Aqua Cher Fishtail Maxi Skirt - $106
3. ASOS Oversized '70s Tortoise Sunglasses - $14
4. Anthropologie Precisionist Belt - $38
5. Kimchi Blue Double-Zip Chain Satchel - $49 (or Deena & Ozzy Double Convertible Satchel - $39)
6. BCBGeneration Alonsa Flat - $88.95
7. Orelia Long Sleek Feather Earrings - $25

Being unable to find an affordable mint maxi, I added the color back in with the Kimchi Blue satchel, but if what you were loving about the ensemble was the red purse, check out the Deena & Ozzy satchel. While I loved the neutrality of the original outfit, as summer comes to a close I think it's important to throw in pops of color into accessories as an easy fall transition, especially where white is involved.


Best of - Translucent Tops Fall 2012

We all have (at least) one trend or basic item that we have many of hanging in our closets (or in my 3-girls-1-closet case, dresser). I'll admit, I've started noticing a few items of which I seem to pick similar styles over, and over.. and over again - but none are as numerous as my translucent tops. I never thought about my intense addiction to chiffon (... ok polyester) tops until I was falling in love with a new blouse we got at work, creating a budget in my head to be able to afford it, and my manager simply stated, "Don't you already have a transparent bird shirt?" The top in question was a (beautifully) puke colored button-up printed in retro birds. I totally bought and love it, but she was right in her observation that I may not have been expanding my wardrobe much with that purchase. ,Now I need to get you as addicted as I am to these gorgeous tops so that I am not the only one with a dresser overflowing with them as we continue to get more adorable styles into work.

The Need-To-Buy List:

1. MINKPINK Freckle Face Shirt - $71
2. Vintage Havana Orange Floral Blouse - $40
3. BB Dakota Pedro Print Tee  - $62
4. Stylestalker Night Light Sheer Chiffon Blouse  - $125

The A Girl Can Dream... List:

1. Madison Marcus Ideal Boho Poncho Top - $258
3. Clover Canyon Dutch Wallpaper Blouse - $260 (Brand carried by Sweet Lady Jane)
4. Jeunesse Francoise Blouse - $238
5. Equipment Adrien Blouse - $188

While I may never afford the Gorgeous Clover Canyon, asymmetrical top it inspires my less expensive, more-realistic-on-a-college-budget purchases, like the Vintage Havana tie-front floral tank that I wear at least once a week. At the end of the day, we can totally find super cute affordable tops, inspired by those gorgeous designer styles, even though we sacrifice the 100% chiffon tag.