Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

(Scarf: American Apparel, Undershirt & Blouse: Anthropologie, Pants: Just USA, Shoes: Vans)
With 80 degree days last week I can't say that I was pleased to see it snowing yesterday; I'm hoping that these bright blues will clue the weather into transitioning to spring! On a side note, I am amazed at these blue pants - they just arrived at the store I work at and fit surprisingly flatteringly for being such a bold color. For $38 how could I go wrong? Also excited to bust out my vans again - canvas isn't the best material for a winter shoe!


That Dress For Which You Buy a Steamer

UO Cardigan, Wedges, Sweater Tights & Scarf | FCUK Silk Dress

This is one of the most cherished and most perpetually wrinkled dresses in my closet - as the first gift from my boyfriend and member of my favorite brand French Connection, not many dresses top it. It actually even got me to fall in love with this olive green color which I had never embraced before but learned to do so in order to emphasize my hair - who knew! It turns out Forrest actually got it for me because the model was a pale red head, but hey - whatever encourages the bf to get you something you actually love!

Adding Geometry to My Wardrobe

Straight lines and patterns have multiplied over all of the runways this season. In light of the colorful spring clothes making their way into the BTV Stella-Mae store every day, I decided to experiment with this trend and see if it could find its place into my wardrobe.

Look One
My Inspiration: Narciso Rodriguez
My Way: Sugarlips Stripe Skirt (Also pictured are the Timberland Marge Wood Heel Sandal and East Africa Company Recycled Shoe Bracelets)
Instead of all-over color, I opted for wearing this beautifully striped high-rise maxi skirt with a neutral top and cardigan, giving it a clean look - clearly emphasizing the fun-yet-sophisticated pops of color in the skirt's flattering diagonal print.

Look Two
My Inspiration: J. Mendel
My Way: Audrey 3+1 Tribal Print Tank (UO Denim Leggings & Timberland Marge Wood Heel Sandal)
This tank is a perfect transition-to-spring and transition-to-summer piece as one could where it with both jeans and a denim jacket or with a cute neutral pair of shorts and sandals!

Look Three
My Inspiration: Ohne Titel
My Way: RD International Red Stripe Sweater (Also picturing the Timberland Shorham Desert Boot)
I found myself imagining a day at the beach with this sweater and shorts acting as bathing suit cover-ups, or even during crispy spring mornings pairing this summery sweater with a pair of jeans to stay warm.

While I thought it would be difficult to teach myself how to wear these bold colors and geometrical patterns with clothes already hanging in my closet, I actually found this trend to be very easy to add to my everyday wardrobe. From color blocking to African-inspired geometrical prints, there is a piece from this trend for everyone.



Fifty degrees, juice soda, cupcakes, and a night of watching planet earth on mute with entirely fitting music playing.


Ski Day

I got to spend yesterday skiing in 50 degree weather with my sister! We live slope side so we can ski right up to our porch from the slope; however, we haven't been skiing yet this year because she's a nurse who works 55-60 hours a week and I have classes mon-thurs and work fri-sat.

So glad we got to hang out and hit the slopes! Not to mention, my ski pants are awesome so I was stoked to wear those.