Outfit - Winding Up


Kenzie Top & Kersh Skirt (both via Sweet Lady Jane), Necklace (via Stella Mae), Alex & Ani Bracelet (via Jess Boutique) Cooperative Loafers and Silver Hoops (both via UO) |

It's been forever since I was consistently writing blog posts - well, it's been about four weeks. Four weeks ago my second session of summer classes started, and now that we have two weeks left everything is finally starting to get a little, well, hectic. With projects on top of papers on top of readings, I'm actually experiencing why these classes usually take 15 weeks to complete... not 6. As this time starts winding up, I'm beginning to wonder what it will be like as it winds down but, in fact, the same week classes wind down, I begin RA training for two weeks before fall classes start. Is it weird to think of fall classes as a time of relaxation? Well, that's the point I'm at right now and while I'm excited for this summer session to end, I'm also, for one of the first times, stoked for fall classes to start.


Collection - Lanvin Fall 2012 RTW

Daria Strokous 
Kasia Struss
Magdalena Frackowiak
Daga Ziober
Ginta Lapina
Karlie Kloss
Olga Sherer
Josephine Skriver
Kinga Rajzak
Lauren Bigelow
Elsa Sylvan
Melissa Tammerijn
Milou Van Groesen

Lanvin has a way of being completely classy while going completely overboard. From bright coctail dresses to gold-embroidered raincoats to extremely embellished evening dresses topped with fur scarves and boas. Loving the yellow and metallic accents and silk prints combined with (faux!) fur for fall and absolutely need the lion belt which makes its appearance throughout the show.


Get the Look: Olivia Palermo's Summer Sweater Chic


Skimming through Olivia Palermo street style photos, I wasn't quite sure what would make me stop and love an outfit. Many of the ones I took a second look at were spring/fall oriented which I couldn't even consider in the heat I've been enduring today, so when I found a summer sweater look, I had to make it happen. Even in my sweltering dorm room, I can imagine wearing this chic ensemble.

1. Cheap Monday Slouchy Jumper - $82.85
3. Warby Parker Thatcher  - $95
4. Zara Large Rigid Shopper - $99.99
5. Fossil Georgia Stainless Steel Watch - $115
6. Urban Outfitters Vintage Hammered Cuff Bracelet - $29
7. Anthropologie Metropolis Bib Necklace - $88
8. Pour La Victoire Tifara - $230

The only major difference I noted in the outfit conversion was that I decided on a thinner sweater (even better for summer heat!) because as great as the summer sweater look is, the lighter the better! Upon seeing Olivia's heels, I immediately thought of the Pour La Victoires from work and had to incorporate them to the ensemble . If you don't want to splurge on a fossil watch, there's a cheaper (and still cute) UO version here. I truly just loved the mixing of textures between the sweater, satin, and metal - It's always important to keep an outfit interesting with textures.


Outfit: Into the Wild

Kersh skirt (via Sweet Lady Jane), UO bag, Lani top, Timberland heels, gun necklace & feather earrings via Stella Mae

Reviewing the forecast for today, I wanted to stay cool but also had an itch to wear one of my (many) translucent tops - so, it being lightweight totally fit the bill paired with this high waisted miniskirt. I am absolutely in love with my Timberland heels which, until I started working at a shoe store, I didn't know existed! They are the only heels that I have bought already made waterproof and, with a wood heel, they have been incredibly durable. I got the heels, top, earrings, and necklace at work and actually, since I got my hair trimmed last week (and only cried a tad about it!) my feather earrings are actually longer than my hair, but I'm still into the look. After running about doing errands (grocery shopping, vitamin shopping, work blog photo taking) today and yesterday, I am excited to spend tomorrow afternoon at the beach to relax on my final week break from summer classes.