Flashback to the Best of: PFW S2013

Street Style Chronicles - Paris

Street Style Chronicles - Paris
Cara Delevingne

Street Style Chronicles - Paris
Martha Hunt 

Street Style Chronicles - Paris
Cara DelevingnePhotos via

Photos via

Hanne Gaby Odiele

Vika Gazinskaya
Hanneli Mustaparta
Anya Ziourova

Yasmin Sewell

Photos via
Being home 70% of the time and travelling the other 30%, my clothing has been 100% comfortable and uninspiring for these past couple of weeks, and where's the best place to look for fashion inspiration? Paris, obviously, and in doing so I realized that I never really took a look at this fall's PFW. Totally needed to take a break from winter, Christmas, and New Years inspired sequins and definitely enjoyed this flashback. 


Outfit - Ugly Sweater Season

American Apparel High Waisted Jeans, David Kahn Sweater, Jeffrey Campbell Loafers

After getting this adorable (and kind of ugly?) '80s inspired David Kahn sweater this weekend I had to find a way to wear it! Ended up throwing it on when myself, my boyfriend, and our friends Tyler and Lauren got an awesome brunch at the new Himalayan place on College st. (which I highly recommend!) This week is finally winding down to Thanksgiving break, and I don't know about you, but I need this break ASAP. 


Army Jackets for Fall

I never thought army-wear and camo would be an adorable trend, considering growing up they were actually pretty gross. This fall, however, a cute, light-weight jacket is a necessity (it was 40 degrees two weeks ago and now 60?) and the army trend has definitely beaten out jean jackets in my book this year. The cool thing is that army jackets aren't even all only green anymore (purple? blue? printed?), and with a ton to choose from, you can't go wrong. That said, these are some of my fav jackets online.

The Need-To-Buy List:

1. Topshop Patch Army Jacket - $110

The A-Girl-Can-Dream List: 

1. Anthropologie Still Life Army Jacket - $388
2. Veda Jones Canvas & Leather Cargo Trench Coat - $590


Collection: Valentino Fall 2012

Julia Nobis
Josephine Skriver
Marte Mei van Haaster
Sigrid Agren
Marie Piovesan
Franzi Mueller
Vika Falileeva
Daria Strokous 
Laura Mullen
Hedvig Palm
Caroline Brasch Nielsen
Julia Nobis
Katryn Kruger 
Need I say more than leather trench coats? Though I definitely don't need to, I can: bright jumpsuits, lacy dresses, embroidered bodices, and ultra-feminine cuts. Valentino always impresses, creating some of the best designs of each seasons, but this Fall collection is definitely my favorite this year. It combines mature masculinity with youthful femininity to show-off curves, power, and embrace inner youth. I definitely look forward to finding ways to incorporate maxis into my winter wardrobe - and sparkle! I will mark being successful as the day I can afford a beautiful leather trench.