Outfit - Winding Up


Kenzie Top & Kersh Skirt (both via Sweet Lady Jane), Necklace (via Stella Mae), Alex & Ani Bracelet (via Jess Boutique) Cooperative Loafers and Silver Hoops (both via UO) |

It's been forever since I was consistently writing blog posts - well, it's been about four weeks. Four weeks ago my second session of summer classes started, and now that we have two weeks left everything is finally starting to get a little, well, hectic. With projects on top of papers on top of readings, I'm actually experiencing why these classes usually take 15 weeks to complete... not 6. As this time starts winding up, I'm beginning to wonder what it will be like as it winds down but, in fact, the same week classes wind down, I begin RA training for two weeks before fall classes start. Is it weird to think of fall classes as a time of relaxation? Well, that's the point I'm at right now and while I'm excited for this summer session to end, I'm also, for one of the first times, stoked for fall classes to start.

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