So I know it's been a couple of days, but you have to forgive me because today is my birthday! (even if it doesn't feel like it because I'm in Paris living a dream world anyway...) My birthday present? Finals! We had our summer term final exam aujourd'hui, but I'm trying to forget about it. In an hour and a half or so I'm off to go on a river boat champagne tasting cruise on the Seine (qui commencera en face de la tour eiffel) which I have to imagine is going to be wonderful. Thanks Forrest! Then tonight we're, of course, going back out to Oberkampf for some drinks & birthday celebrations!

Yesterday we had a day-long scavenger hunt that brought us to all of Paris's fun, big, important monuments (and slightly made me realize why the french hate them so much & think they're obnoxious). Although cruising along the seine was a nice way to go about Paris, I am a firm believer that scavenger hunts ruin the fun of seeing and enjoying things - not that we won't be returning, but of course I didn't want to stop and take lots of wonderful pictures of le louvre or go inside notre dame because we just had to get to the next stop of the scavenger hunt! That being said, here are some snapshots I did take:

But hey, I did a scavenger hunt in Paris cruising along the seine - life could be worse. I do need to start getting better about bringing my camera along with me - what's the point of having a nice camera if I don't bring it to notre dame?!

And on Tuesday we enjoyed drinks from the top of Galeries Lafayette with a gorgeous view - especially of the opera house, and of course la tour eiffel, etc. 

In my next post I'm sure I will have some great pictures of the cruise tonight and the bars, as well as snapshots from Rock en Seine, which we're attending tomorrow! Should be good, with Belle & Sebastion, Franz Ferdinand, Alt-J, Daughter, etc. etc. etc. 

I do need a piece of opinion from you all thought, should I go see Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds while I'm here? Like it's a no-brainer, right?

à plus!
xx taylor

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