a not-so-lazy sunday.

the pompidou from the courtyard
So the fun thing about studying abroad in France is that you actually have to study... except some of the assignments are pretty fun.

Andrea and I (2 of 3 people in the intermediate french conversation class) were assigned two hot-spots in the marais district to go to, learn about, and give a tour of to the class tomorrow. In anticipation of this, we visited both the Pompidou (and had some excellent crepes in the courtyard) as well as Hotel de Ville - where the mayor of Paris lives and works, etc.

After taking lots of embarrassingly touristy pictures, we went to find HEMA again (a mini IKEA/Target type store) and got pretty lost. When we finally found it, it was closed, as was the phone store I wanted to go to because, of course, it was Sunday. However, this long and exhausting trip made us realize how close the HEMA is to the metro stop by the CEA campus - which is perfect.

Goals for tomorrow:
- Give a decent french tour of hotel de ville
- Get to Body Shop, Phone House, and HEMA between 3:30 and 4:30 to get home by 5:00 and skype with Forrest.
- Figure out what the vegan restaurant near school sells/specializes in
- Buy a baguette and chocolate (and maybe a croissant)

xx taylor

hotel de ville
hotel de ville
une crêpe du fromage et des champignons 
des crêpes

stravinsky fountain next to the pompidou
the pompidou

fontaine des innocents

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