un jour de la marche

Today was my second day of classes - with 9:30-12:30 being straight French and 1:30-3:30 being a visit to somewhere french and presentations by us of different quartiers and places. Today though, we had normal class until 12:30 then we went to rue des rosiers, got some wonderful fallafel at L'As du Fallafel. But it was like like actually pretty amazing, totally lived up to the hype.

Long story short we saw lots of beautiful things, talked about them in French, and basically walked for 3 hours. If I could remember any of the monuments, parks, or courtyards, I would totally fill you in, but I absolutely cannot so I'll have to return. (oh shucks, huh?)

For the first time I totally got around, all alone, and only used my map to reassure me of what I already knew. Totally stoked on that.

ps. also finally got a french sim card for my phone - yay!

bonne journee!
xx taylor


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