So this whole week we have been going through orientation, which for us early-starters has seriously been a week long review of an orientation we had in 1 day, so it hasn't been too eventful. However, today we had a bus tour around the tourist sites of Paris and I (of course without my camera) got these snapshots with my iphone:

I'm happy and a little embarrassed to say that I'm attempting to take up jogging, as we have no gym at the CEA campus and I'm eating way too much bread and cheese to not do any cardio work. I'm also trying to find a donation-based yoga studio in Paris because I can't quite afford to pay 25 euros a class, but would love to integrate into society/meet people that way.

I'm about to write another post about a workshop we had which explained the differences between French and American people, and why it's difficult for them to 'click' together. So look out! It's super interesting. (If I can explain it well.)

bonne journée!
xx taylor

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