Not much really happened yesterday - which I suppose is why I totally forgot to write a post before going to bed! In intermediate french conversation we had to give presentations about a french song, the artist, etc. so we didn't go to any interesting tourist destinations. (which was actually a welcome break!) Here is the song I chose to present, the artist is actually from Quebec, but she is popular over here as well.

After class we came back to the studio for a while, but returned to a bar/restaurant we had visited a few days ago called Place Verte on Rue Oberkampf for dinner - and it was awesome! It boasts one of the best burgers in Paris, which the girls said was definitely true, but even my vegetarian salad with eggplant, pepper, sundried tomato, arugula, pesto, green beans, and some time of tasty slaw was delicious. I definitely recommend it, awesome location, very sweet waitstaff, totally great - just look at my food! (& sangria... & burger in the background)

I have absolutely no idea where this stereotype of French service people being rude comes from - literally all of them have been very very sweet to us.

à bientôt,
xx taylor

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