Outfit - So Long

AA High-Waisted JeansMiilla Top, Audrey 3+1 Bralet, Inca Sun Leather Backpack, Timberland Heels, all via Stella Mae

As fall begins breezing through BTV, we have to wear summer-to-fall transitional outfits like this sheer top, peep-toes, and cuffed jeans. Ever since the "fall" semester started up at the end of August, I have been waiting for fall to actually push its way through the mountains. No offense to my summer wardrobe pieces, but I'm sick of them! I want to wear tights and sweaters and scarves and these jeans! (Confession though, I'm so in-love with the pants that I have been wearing them many times a week anyway.) With fall styles continually entering Stella Mae and the other BTV boutiques (since July I might add), I have been impatiently awaiting the blissful days that are chilly enough to wear my old, new, and adorable cold-weather pieces. I've begun digging out my long-sleeves and sweaters in hopes that the weather will catch on to my desired style. The one piece I'm going to miss wearing into the winter are these Timberland pumps I have worn excessively all summer (exhibit one). 
What summer piece will you miss wearing the most in the upcoming season?


  1. Howdy! I wish I could answer your last question, but I kind of live in the land of neverending summer (Texas). You could probably wear your pumps into the fall:


    If you wouldn't mind socks.

    1. Living in a warm climate must be a blessing & a curse!
      Love the sock idea, thanks! xx