Friday Favorites: Summer 2012 Fedoras

With summer fast approaching, I've been on the lookout for a new summer hat to shade my insanely pale Welsh and German skin from the sun. As I already have an adorable classic sun hat from last summer, I'm on the market for something different. However, like with every trend I have a habit of being a little picky on How-To and How-To-NOT wear the classic Fedora. I think the typical tan, straw hat needs to go and make room for some more interesting options.

1. White

Who: Kate Spade New York
Where: Nordstrom
How Much: $78
Colors: White & Blue / Pink bow 
White is clean, fresh, and classic without being completely overdone. Adding a colorful tone gives this style the pop it needs to make one's outfit standout.

2. Patterned

Who: Shelli Segal
Where: Nordstrom
How Much: $38
Colors: Red/White, Black/White
Patterned accessories are an easy way to spice up some more simple summer outfits - or to go crazy (like I will!) and mix patterns on patterns on patterns. 

3. Dark

Who: Eugenia
Where: Shopbop
How Much: $264
Colors: Dark Brown/Snake
My last and favorite way to enjoy this trend is with a dark shade and definitely an accent or two - I'm in love with the mixing of textures in this hat; amazing.

When it's too hot to layer outfits and add interest, you have to add some interesting accessories, and with the classic tan straw look becoming tragically overseen, we have to start looking for alternatives in our summer hat wear. To me, it really comes down to: go bold or go home.

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