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So yes, I went to Croatia literally a month ago but I finally got around to editing all of the pictures and, due to the desire to procrastinate on finals work, totally want to write a blog about them! Long story short, Julia and I went to spend the weekend with Caitlin in Dubrovnik, and thus the roommates are back together again. Unfortunately, I never wrote a post about meeting up in Barcelona in early October so I can't put a link in to that... but here's Caitlin's!

Caitlin and me on Lokrum Island
I left Paris on Thursday evening with a layover in Zagreb (Croatia's capital). I'm just chilling, standing in line at security to get into my terminal, when I hear somebody shout my name and Julia is standing on the second level yelling down to me - pretty wonderful to see this lady's face smiling down at you.

Getting safe passage back to Dubrovnik someday!

Julia and me at Lokrum Island
We get to Croatia, meet Caitlin at the bus stop from the airport, climb about a million stairs (to be repeated many times), arrive at her apartment, and crash - though I will literally never get over how beautifully wonderful her apartment is. Ever. If you don't study abroad in a tiny studio shared by 2 people in France, you cannot understand. On Friday we go to Lokrum Island and hang out with lots of peacocks, then check out the pretty chill Dubrovnik bar scene.

Unfortunately for Julia and me, Caitlin had an excursion with her program on Saturday so we were on our own! Luckily Julia has the most excellent sense of direction and got us exactly where we wanted to be for the afternoon - the wall surrounding the city from the ocean. Clearly we saw some beautiful sights!

Afterwords we got an excellent lunch from a vegetarian restaurant in town (yes even dubrovnik, croatia as vegetarian restaraunts) & went up a gondola to a hill just beyond the city for a wonderful sunset.

That night we helped Caitlin and her roommates cook a feast for us and her program-mates of chicken & broccoli alfredo (with just broccoli alfredo for Julia and I). 

Sunday morning Julia had to go home and Caitlin and I decided to take it easy, then Monday morning I flew home (after a brief delay due to a relatively violent storm) and voila! La fin. You can check out more pictures from the visit on my flickr.

xx taylor

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