les villes de deauville et trouville

So last Saturday, CEA students awoke at 6:45am to make it to a train station by 8:20 to be lead off on a mystery adventure we knew nothing about. We arrive to learn that we were taking a train to northern France in the Normandie region to the coastal towns of Deauville & Trouville. A 2 hour train ride later, we arrive in Deauville with 20 euros to spend and about 7 hours to enjoy the area - which we absolutely did!

After a walk through the Deauville market, we got lunch (crepes, of course, because they're known for their savory crepes) and brought a bottle of hard cider we got from a nice man at the market (which they are also known for) to the beach and chilled for a while next to the ocean. 


There just so happened to be an American film festival directly behind us, but we figured we didn't come to France to go to American film festivals so instead we mostly wandered the two towns. We also saw a ton of brightly painted old cars which we still have no idea about but they were pretty cool!

Eventually we made it to the beach in Trouville and enjoyed more cider at a restaurant on the beach until it was time to start heading back to the station - but not before finding ourselves in a small, grungy little courtyard, after which I bought some cider to bring back to the city and hopped on the train!

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